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Dunore Energy

Dunore Energy
Dunore Energy
B2B energy consultancy
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Jon Newsham
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The energy market is, unfortunately, highly complex and even the largest most energy market savvy businesses and organisations can find it difficult to effectively engage with the current market due to the complexity and wide range of contract products, which can be very time consuming to try and navigate confidently, leading to agreeing unnecessarily expensive or unsuitable contracts.

OUR STRATEGY: We help businesses reduce their energy operating costs and through a range of energy procurement services, strategies and bespoke energy management solutions. Our significant industry expertise covers all areas including utility supply contract negotiation, account management and query resolution, along with electricity ‘capacity’ reviews for half hourly customers to ensure businesses aren’t paying unnecessary excess capacity costs or worse, capacity penalty charges.

If you feel you could do with a helping hand bringing your energy costs under control, give us a call!